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Enterprise Core Value »»

Advanced enterprise culture is not only enterprise soul and strong impetus pushing forward sustainable enterprise development, but also the key to construct the core competence of the enterprise. SEYOUN Tire insists on the people oriented core, solid execution, the development of individual personality, the orientation of serving economy and the inheriting of advanced culture. With forward-looking strategic vision as well as low-key, pragmatic and rigorous attitude, it has forged characteristic enterprise culture, laying solid foundation for long-term development and sustainable glory of the company.。


Enterprise Core Value »


Culture Philosophy »»

Enterprise Business Philosophy

Customer Uppermost   Quality Foremost   Mutual Benefits   Staff First

Care for Environment   Repay Society   Devotion to Career Long-lasting Career

Enterprise Management Philosophy

※ General Policy:

SEYOUN Relies on Everyone, SEYOUN Loves Everyone

Enough Attention to Details, Perfect Execution

※ HR Management Philosophy:Home-like Warm Management, Perfect Career Planning, Development Achievement Sharing, Common Bright Future

※ Product Philosophy:Fine Workmanship Forges Excellence, Elaboration Creates Quality Products

※ Brand Philosophy:Brand Is Capital, Which Should Be Persistently Implemented and Pushed Forward

Brand Construction Goal of SEYOUN:Popularity, Reputation, Loyalty; Innovativeness, Science, Profitability

Brand Construction Path of SEYOUN:Push Forward the Industry, Spread over the Country, Walk to the World

※ Production Management Philosophy:Safety First, Scientific and Standard, Strict and Efficient, Technically Innovative, Energy-saving and Environment-protecting, Persistent in Detail Perfection

Enterprise Spirit

Responsibility Foremost, Pragmatic and Strict, Firm and Indomitable, Ambitious

Team Spirit

Team Spirit, Sincerely join hands ,Smooth communication,Action first,Win-win future

Quality Policy

100% Constant Improvement: 100% Technology, 100% Management, 100% Giving, 100% Responsibility

Action Policy

Well Defined Power and Responsibility, Strict and Efficient




Jiangsu SEYOUN Tire Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001. On July 7, 2007, its plant in Suqian was officially put into production. The plant is located in Suyu Economic Development Zone, Suqian City, Jiangsu Province, enjoying advantageous geographic location, convenient transportation and smooth logistics.
As a large enterprise engaged in the research, development and products of inner tubes and outer tubes for bicycles, electric vehicles and motorcycles, SEYOUN Tire has a total investment of 0.8 billion yuan, a floor area of 400mu, a building area of 150,000 square meters and more than 4,500 staff.

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