Development History

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※ On April 9, 2001, the first factory of SEYOUN Tire was officially founded in Tangshan and immediately its bicycle tires rapidly and smoothly entered the domestic and foreign markets by right of high quality.

※ Since its inception five years ago, SEYOUN Tire has won the trust and approval of the market, constantly improved its popularity and become more than more prosperous by virtue of its superior product quality, considerate service and reciprocal principle.

※ On April 9, 2006, the grand festival on the “fifth anniversary of SEYOUN Tire” was held in Tangshan. As a grand meeting in which industry insiders got together and communicated with each other, it was the first glorious milestone of company development and opened up the succeeding glorious history of SEYOUN Tire.

※ In August 2006, SEYOUN Tire was officially founded in Suqian, Jiangsu.

※ On August 18, 2006, the construction project of the new plant was began. The construction of the 130,000-square-meter modern workshop was finished in as short as seven months, creating a miracle in the industry development history of Suqian.

※ On June 3, 2007, the plant in Suqian was put into trial production.

※ On July 7, 2007, SEYOUN Tire held grand opening ceremony and was officially inaugurated, entering the new chapter of company development.

※ From the end of 2008 to the beginning of 2009, the company launched the new brand “NJK”, winning market approval and steadily improving the sales performance.

※ In the second half of 2009, the company launched the new brand “YOKIFA”.

※ In July 2009, the company passed the certification of ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System.

※ In the second half of 2009, “NJK” and “YOKIFA” showed good market performance and gratifying growth.

※ In October 2009, SEYOUN Tire gathered top technical expert of the industry, introduced international advanced equipment and technologies and officially started cover tire project.

※ In December 2009, SEYOUN force vehicle inner tube was awarded “Jiangsu Famous-brand Product”.

※ In June 2010, the outer tube production line of the company was put into trial production.

※ In July 2010, the outer tube was officially put into production and launched on the market. It rapidly won the approval and attention of channels, users and the industry with the advantages of novel design, excellent quality and high cost performance.

※ In July 2010, the company began to integrate image and brand. It came close to consumers, cooperative partners, the industry and society by brand-new image, signifying an important step in branding operation.

※ In August 2010, the outer tube system of the company passed the certification of ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System.

※ In August 2010,the outer tube product of the company passed “CCC” certification.

※ In August 2010, gathering top technical experts of the industry and utilizing international first-class military science and technology, SEYOUN Tire attentively forged “luxury”-level high-end brand “Hongsiwei”, marching toward the extreme dream about tire and perfectly opening up the plan of “spanning peak”.



Jiangsu SEYOUN Tire Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001. On July 7, 2007, its plant in Suqian was officially put into production. The plant is located in Suyu Economic Development Zone, Suqian City, Jiangsu Province, enjoying advantageous geographic location, convenient transportation and smooth logistics.
As a large enterprise engaged in the research, development and products of inner tubes and outer tubes for bicycles, electric vehicles and motorcycles, SEYOUN Tire has a total investment of 0.8 billion yuan, a floor area of 400mu, a building area of 150,000 square meters and more than 4,500 staff.

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